Hope is Resiliency, SNAG member exhibition at NYCJW

This SNAG Member Exhibition explores how the participants define the resiliency of hope through their creative practice.  The exhibition featured 251 works by 148 artists.

A portion of the sales go towards supporting SNAG. Pieces are on sale through January 15th, 2023.

The in-person exhibition featuring select pieces was on view November 17-20 during New York City Jewelry Week. Juried by Nora McCarthy, owner of Gallery 2052, and curator Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy, with an emphasis on showcasing SNAG’s diverse membership: in materials and aesthetics, levels of experience and background.

Artists: Barry Ace, Melis Agabigum, Peter Antor, Erin Austin, $ULO BEE, Deitra Blackwell, Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez, Sunyoung Cheong, Julian De La Garza, Laura deLeon, Nicole DesChamps-Benke, Sanaz Doost, Katie DuVal Mihelich, Terry Henry, Holland Houdek, Vershali Jain, Siavash Jaraiedi, Kattie Jones, Felicia Jordan, Seojung Kang, Maya Kini, Veronik Lacombe, Lorena Lazard, Yiran (Erin) Li, Xinchen Li, David Lilly, Agnes Ma, Abbi Marie, Sophie Martin Glinel, Susan Mollet, Nikoo Monem, Chenyu Nie, Ayala Naphtali, Anna Nava-Liess, Sofia Rock, Rho Tang, Camille Torres, Jennifer Younger, Luofan Zhuang.

Thunderbird in the Digital Age - Two Concepts of Power (2022), Barry Ace.

Mixed media neckpiece of velvet, glass beads, metal, capacitors, resistors, light-emitting diode, circuit board, horse hair, synthetic hair, paper, porcupine quill, rope, deer hide, and thread. 17 x 7 in / 43.18 x 17.78 cm 

Four-fingered Puzzle Ring (2022), Luofan Zhuang.

Silver and bronze ring with synthetic zircon beads.  Size 7, 94.9 x 21.7 x 46.8mm.