Lisa Creskey on the Sentier Culturel

On the Sentiel Culturel in Gatineau for Summer 2023: Chouette, a mosaic sculpture by Lisa Creskey of fantastic scale! The surface of this larger-than-life snowy owl is made up of the artist's own handmade, hand-painted tiles.

"Je présente ……Chouette !❤️Essentiellement, c'est un câlin pour tous et tous ceux qui en ont besoin 🥰 The Snowy Owl, Quebec’s official bird, is sheltering her baby under her wing, surrounded by purple irises and wild garlic. We don’t call it La belle province for nothing!"

"If you should wish to visit the neighborhood and meet Chouette she is on the corner of Hôtel-de-Ville and Promenade du Portage in downtown Hull (Gatineau). @sentierculturel opens officially on the 21st of June 🎉"

In mid-October, Chouette returned to Lisa's studio.